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Quantum Group is a leading fintech and security investment incubator. Our companies deliver real-world support for our clients, combining cutting edge technology and integrated hardware and software solutions combined with exceptional levels of customer service, driven by a philosophy of under-promising and over-delivering.

From state-of-the-art technology to unrivalled expertise, Quantum supports its subsidiary companies, empowering these specialist teams by providing strong governance, leadership and investment to optimise performance at every level — guaranteeing exceptional quality and consistency of service from all our member companies.

By lifting the burden of funding, compliance and accounting in early-stage development, Quantum’s subsidiaries can be powered by dynamic, innovative, specialist management focused on delivering best-of-breed products. By combining these with world-class customer service to power the growth of each standalone subsidiary, we are fuelling the growth of the Group, while Quantum’s senior management team provides help, support and a steadying hand on the tiller.

In short, Quantum employs the best people, focuses them on developing world-class products and services and empowers them to build and scale each of the Group’s companies.
“We strive to create a working environment where all our people are focused on what they enjoy doing most, and allow them to develop into the best versions of themselves.”

Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM
Founder & CEO

The Quantum


Quantum Group specialises in incubating cutting-edge regulated fintech and world-class security, including cyber security, penetration testing, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), and investigations. With the addition of our media and communications division, all Quantum Group companies benefit from shared knowledge and innovation at every level.

At Group level, time-consuming administrative and executive functions are centralised by our team of highly experienced business directors, ensuring that each company can focus on creating products and solutions that meet and exceed their business objectives and their customers’ needs and expectations.

Our four-stage approach illustrates how Quantum Group identifies investment opportunities, grows companies to their fullest potential, and supports and guides them to profitability and beyond.

“Quantum identifies and acquires cutting-edge technology, and applies intensive early-stage consultation to adapt it to meet the exact requirements of its target users. This real-world development process ensures each of our suite of products receives strong take-up by customers right from initial launch, as our tech is immediately effective and relevant to its target demographic.”

Peter Malmstrom
Founder & Head of M&A


Target & Acquire

  • Identify the opportunity and assess its full growth potential
  • Negotiate favourable terms for a strategic stake in the business


Analyse & Execute

  • Analyse gaps in the business and identify immediate actions
  • Focus resources to strengthen the proposition and drive innovation
  • Fill key functional roles with world-class talent
  • Build a proof of concept to meet key non-revenue objectives


Structure & Commercialise

  • Establish a robust operational foundation
  • Implement a strong governance structure
  • Commercialise the proposition
  • Leverage Quantum’s expertise to efficiently expand


Scale & Exit

  • Scale the business and drive revenues
  • Position each company for large Series B investment
  • Negotiate and execute a successful exit

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dedicated team

Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM LLB
Co-Founder & Chairman
Peter Malmstrom
Founder and Head of M&A
Steven Strauss
Chief Financial Officer
Graham Smith
Chief Operations Officer
Sean Fitzgerald
Chief Compliance Officer
Shahnawaz Aziz
Chief Technology Officer
Katie Prendergast
Head of Human Resources
Ali Al Bajati
Chief Product Officer

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Quantum Group is a contemporary and ethically conscious employer, guided by a solid foundation of strong leadership and core values. This ensures our focused teams of highly skilled and motivated individuals are supported at every level to excel and unleash their full potential, delivering success and innovation across all the Group’s activities. All Quantum Group companies are founded and aligned on these shared values, with the Compass for Life programme forming an integral part of our management approach.







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Quantum Group is proud to collaborate with world-class strategic partners, ensuring that all we do is delivered to the highest standard. From regulatory bodies and specialist banking technology providers, we work together to stay at the cutting edge.

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