As London’s leading fintech incubator, Quantum Group focuses investment on cutting-edge regulated fintech and world-class security, including cyber security, physical penetration testing, electronic countermeasures and investigations. With the addition of our media and communications division, all Quantum Group companies benefit from shared knowledge and innovation at every level, allowing them to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations and full growth potential.

With effortless expense management through mobile and desktop apps, multicurrency smart prepaid cards, FX and currency management and fast and more cost-effective international bank-to-bank payments, Volopa offers total visibility and control on one proprietary platform.

Verve is a state-of-the-art cashback and rewards app with real energy, offering its consumer customers, retailers and strategic partners frictionless offers and cashback. With 100,000 registered users and partnerships with the likes of Starling, Monzo and ANNA Money, Verve offers seamless rewards.

Valkyrie is a boutique security and investigations provider specialising in safeguarding its clients’ environments both at home and abroad, across their business and social interests mitigating risk with unparalleled physical and digital security capabilities, cyber resilience, and expert crisis response, in the face of real and emerging threats.

Vantage Media is an award-winning boutique creative agency specialising in publishing and design for the luxury and fintech sectors. In addition to branding and editorial work for its their prestigious client base, Vantage publishes London’s premiere luxury lifestyle brand Tempus.


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Oya’s state-of-the-art app offers a fast, reliable service for sending money to Nigeria. Delivering competitive rates and transfers in seconds, users can seamlessly send money from the UK and Europe, straight to domestic accounts in Nigeria. Utilising an IMTO Licence issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (which can passport through Nigeria to other countries across Sub-Saharan Africa), Oya represents the next generation in remittance capabilities through its easy-to-use and highly effective tech — making international money transfers more accessible and affordable to a growing and often-underbanked diaspora.

Valkyrie's Ambassador Programme introduces the Valkyrie Ambassador Card, milled from solid gold and designed as a highly secure payment options and is the front end of a 360-degree security solution that enables highly mobile HNW individuals track and monitor their global assets, mitigating risk, and giving them piece of mind, all through a highly secure mobile App. The Valkyrie Ambassador Card features advanced security measures to protect against cloning and fraud, and it is specifically tailored for high-net-worth individuals who require high security and convenience in global transactions.

Volopa Bullion offers a range of financial services including the addition of gold and silver Bullion on a multicurrency card, supporting 14 major currencies, effectively making physical gold and silver the 15th and 16th currencies on the card, which can be used in more than 35 million outlets globally. Clients can buy and sell gold through the app, taking advantage of price movements to use the bullion strength in purchases when high and buying the physical bullion back on dips, to mobilise their physical gold and silver deposits and optimise this asset for use in their everyday lives.

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