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Our companies



Quantum Group is the UK’s leading fintech and cyber security investment incubator. Our companies deliver real-world support for our clients, combining integrated hardware and software solutions with world-class customer service and product delivery.

From state-of-the-art technology to unrivalled expertise, Quantum provides our teams with strong governance, leadership and investment to optimise performance at every level, guaranteeing exceptional quality and consistency of service from all our member companies.


The Quantum


Our four-phase process identifies investment opportunities, grows these standalone companies to their fullest potential, and supports and guides them to profitability and beyond. By centralising administrative and executive functions at Group level, our highly experienced core management team is on hand to support innovation and excellence across every vertical.


Target & Acquire

  • Identify the opportunity and assess its full growth potential and consult heavily with the user demographic to ensure our products directly meet their needs
  • Negotiate favourable terms for a strategic stake, or outright control in the subsidiary business


Analyse & Execute

  • Analyse gaps in the business and identify actions to fill these gaps; focus resources to strengthen the proposition and drive innovation
  • Employ key specialist management teams filling key functional roles
  • Build a proof of concept to meet key customer led development programmes to deliver core products and services to progress to the next phase


Structure & Commercialise

  • Establish a robust operational functionality
  • Implement strong governance, in compliance, accounting and control functions designed to build solid foundations to fully commercialise the proposition, leveraging Quantum’s expertise and support to allow the specialist management teams to efficiently expand the subsidiary business


Scale & Exit

  • Scale the business and drive revenues to profit, positioning each company for large Series B investment securing significant market share and penetration and then assist in negotiating and executing a successful exit strategy through trade sale or public listing.



Quantum Group currently focuses investment into three clear divisions covering regulated fintech, specialist security, and media and communications. All Quantum companies enjoy synergies that create opportunities for enhanced performance across the Group.

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