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Verve is an innovative cashback platform that is revolutionising the cashback space through seamless rewards offering, bespoke strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology that makes providing meaningful rewards simple for retailers, partners and member customers alike.


Verve provides and delivers value-added services to three customer segments.

Retailers — Verve helps retailers drive new business and encourage repeat spend using cashback incentives targeted to relevant Verve Members.

Verve Members — individual members earn cashback on everyday purchases from the ease and security of their mobile app.

Strategic Partners — businesses with large memberships are able to offer their members access to Verve’s platform and relevant retailer cashback offers via a simple API integration solution.

Verve currently has two distinct distribution channels in the form of its proprietary mobile app, which is marketed directly to consumers, and a bespoke API that allows strategic partners to seamlessly integrate and customise their own rewards programme. Verve is proven to deliver measurable results for retail partners, Verve members and strategic partners.

Recent company highlights
  • Verve has 100,000 registered users
  • In 2024, Verve signed a deal with ANNA Money to power their cashback and rewards proposition to ANNA Money's 100,000 business users
  • In 2024, Verve signed its first white label deal with ANNA Money powering their cashback programme to 100,000 corporate users
  • Ongoing discussions with several major banks, including Starling Bank, to provide bespoke white label cashback and rewards programmes

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Verve’s leadership team is revolutionising the cashback space through seamless rewards and innovative app technology

Sean Fitzgerald
Managing Director
Lori Sartwell
Managing Director
David Pearson
Head of Product & Operations
Bertie Wilson
Senior Dev Ops Engineer
Alexandra Achille
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Tim Gregory
Head of Business Development
Radu Potop
Lead API Engineer
Heather Watts
Partnerships Manager
Chris Moran
Senior Software Engineer

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